It’s a print you bought at IKEA isn’t it? Your guest bathroom has a boring IKEA print in a boring IKEA frame and you know what? You’re better than that!  Your guests deserve a more exhilarating bathroom experience.

My friend and mentor, who has acquired some killer art over the years gave me this advice:

hang your best art in the bathroom — guaranteed everyone will see it.

Go ahead, I dare you to disagree with her. Collecting original art doesn’t have to be expensive or over-whelming. I don’t know, I’m just spit balling here, but what say you start small with an original piece of art from your favorite American Heavyweight!

I take a pile of your memories — road trip, birthday, first time your child wrote their name, 3rd grade worksheets, stagette, first marathon, anniversary of your first date, whatever you cherish — and create an original, mixed media custom collage piece.

I will transform your (in)significant mementos into the coolest artwork your bathroom has ever seen 

Follow these 3 steps to order your first piece of non-ugly bathroom art. Heck, I’ll even make you a piece that will fit inside that boring IKEA frame.

Mementos are an important part of your personal history. Your life experiences should be displayed in a way that honors their importance while still reflecting your contemporary lifestyle. Art can be made even more meaningful when it has a strong connection to an experience or emotion. When was the last time you could look at a piece of art on your wall and see an intensely personal experience represented within the colors, shapes and patterns.



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