I haven’t written anything on here in 6 weeks. That’s a pretty long sarcasm-free stretch. How are you guys coping?

Why the drought? Thanks for asking! It’s not that I haven’t been inspired or motivated. I have. But I’ve felt I sort of trapped myself in a corner and thought if it wasn’t writing about yoga face plants or crotch sweat, I’d disappoint my 13 loyal readers.

Well, that’s bullshit. The American Heavyweight Way is to do what you WANT! I’ve been yelling at you to live your best life, stay healthy, try new things and to honor where you’re at in the moment. However, this has nothing to do with push-ups or burpees. I mean, if we are going to get existential, both everything and nothing have to do with burpees but let’s stay focused! I’ve been a scientist, athlete and trainer for over 25 years and I love it. I love talking about the latest trends in fitness and what it means to be an athlete disguised as a mortal human. I also love sneakers and snacks.

You know what else I love? ART, yo! I love photography and most recently, mixed media collage. (Fun fact: I won a scholarship in high school and bought my first SLR which I subsequently ruined when I brazenly photographed a Class 5 Hurricane while on holiday!)

note the 40 foot waves crashing on top of the palm trees and nearby roofs!

I’ve made some changes to the site to bring my art to the forefront. Don’t worry, there will always be room for talking about the runs on the run. But I’m making a pivot to put my money where my big fat mouth is. I’ll still be talking about fitness but I’m also going to write about how I’m using my paintings to capture the important moments and people in life. Find out more here.

4 year old’s blankie and love letters

In conclusion, do what makes you happy. Also do burpees because they are a great total body workout that you can do anywhere with zero equipment and will help extend your life.

But mostly be happy.

what we wish all dumbbells looked like
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