I was sitting across from my friend Becky (yes she has good hair but no, she’s not Becky with the Good Hair) during my art consultation. This is when I bring some art samples and we talk about what kinds of colors or patterns you like most. I even make very official looking notes on very official Heavyweight card stock. It’s all very official. Unfortunately I can’t do this for every client but for those that live close, it’s a real treat to sit together and talk about art and placement and what kinds of things inspire your design style. It’s a luxury and one of my favorite parts of the custom art process. This is kind of what it looks like:

See that white Seahawks hat casually hanging out next to my wine glass. Well there was nothing casual about that hat. The entire collage piece was anchored to this hat. Becky initially handed me this hat and told me that her son, who was the subject of this art piece, wore this Seahawks hat from age 1 to age 4 so it’s truly a very special memento for her. So she tentatively handed me this hat and then shortly thereafter took it back. She knew that I tend to cut, glue and generally destroy any memento that you hand my way. It’s all part of the process! But it can be stressful. She knew the hat was integral to representing her son but couldn’t bear to have the hat destroyed.

I wondered if there was a way to incorporate the hat without destroying it and also without merely taking a photo of it. Here’s what I did, and I’m feeling pretty smug about this little stroke of genius:

I flipped the hat inside out and decided to use a representation of the hat. I (carefully) cut out the NFL tag from the inside so when she saw it in the art piece, Becky would know what it represented but didn’t have to part with the whole hat. I’m not in the business of crushing dreams, people.

Once that hurdle was crossed, the piece came together beautifully. Becky and Sam love color and have some cool art in their house which was a license to use allllll the neons. One of the brightest and most fun pieces I’ve worked on yet – you can see a running bib from a kids fun foot race her son competed in, his little mini brand new baby footprint, kindergarten class schedule and of course, a teeny tiny little “guy” drawn on the corner of a worksheet.

I love this piece so so much. I considered making a duplicate for myself but I know that’s on the wrong side of creepy. Can’t wait to see it hanging up in their gorgeous Seattle home.


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