It started with a simple thought that we’ve all had:

I have this thing. I can’t bear to throw it out but if I keep it, what do I do with it?

For me, it’s usually sneakers (which I’ve recently started giving to my fellow size 8 footed pals. Send requests here.) As it turns out, a Hooter Hider that you lovingly and tirelessly used while nursing your three boys across 7 years isn’t as easy to pass on as say, a pair of running shoes. Emotions are weird like that.

So my girlfriend Kristi handed me this swath of fabric that resembled any other piece of fabric except that for Kristi, it literally* held all the feels. (*literally how millennials use literally, which is to say, figuratively). She asked if I could somehow use this to create a piece of art that would embody the journey through motherhood she had taken with this swath of fabric by her side/across her chest.

Um. Sure. Sounds easy. Noooooooo problemo.

It turns out is was literally and figuratively a very hard thing to do! Literally, because the brown in this fabric is excellent for hiding stains but also tricky to pair with neons, my #1 color choice. Also figuratively because… all the feels!

It was tricky but not impossible. We can do hard things people! So we collected a few more mementos – baby pictures, foot prints, notes from the hospital, a onesie – and we talked about how much gold was too much. After many hours and approximately 14 existential crises, I presented her with one piece for each of her sons. They all work together but can stand well on their own, just like her three boys. (I know, the sun is in my eyes too – sniff sniff).

Most importantly, this swath of fabric is not stored in a box next to a bunch of size 8 sneakers (seriously, msg me for free shoes) but on display. A daily reminder that no amount of gold foil is too much. Also, it turns out neon does go with everything!

Aren’t they awesome? Look at me, just like the millennials I’m literally* tooting my own horn! (*to be clear, literally, as in figuratively). Let me know if you have a thing that you don’t know what to do with and we can make into a thing of beauty.

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