Talk about a stretch goal! I had set some goals for my art this year including having a piece commissioned for a public space. I think that painting the cover of the UW Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine 2018 Discoveries book means I can put a big fat check mark in that box!

You’d think I got the gig because of a healthy dose of nepotism since the good doctor-husband is a faculty member. But nope! I was invited to paint this year’s cover by an entirely different doctor-husband not related to me at all!

This piece was particularly special because, in my former life, I was an Orthopedic Researcher that would publish my research findings in a book like this. And now, I had been asked to paint the cover. The circle is now complete (said in Darth Vader’s voice).

I took extra pride in knowing I could represent the work within the pages beautifully, but also in a meaningful way. It’s not every day you have an artist that can also critique interpret the scientific research findings.

I took images and figures from the research that was published inside and used them to create a front and back cover so that when the book was opened flat, it made a giant “W”. I feel very proud of that clever twist.

Also, fun fact, I used up almost an entire tube of “UW PURPLE” paint.


Cover opened flat
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