Is there a holiday season that brings more clutter than Christmas? I used to be Grinchy about it but now I Sheryl Sandberg the heck out of it. Multiple advent calendars with all their flaps open clutter the counter, multiple Christmas trees clutter my hallways and heck, even red and gold and green Christmas shirts clutter my all-Black uniform. I even hang loose socks, (the bane of my existence), from my mantle piece. Loose socks! From the mantle! It’s madness!

‘Tis the season!

So when my friend and mentor (and idol and God’s gift to the world of orthopedic spouses) came to me with a Christmas themed custom art commission, I was into it. Peggy presented to me these darling 12 Days of Christmas cards that had been hand drawn by her granddaughter. They were beautiful, colorful and the epitome of gorgeous Christmas clutter.

We talked about how to preserve these little masterpieces. At a generously sized 5×7, framing them individually would have been a lot. Did I mention there were 12 of them. Twelve!

So, we decided the best way to honor them was to cut them up!

Cut them up!

Just kidding, I made copies. I’m not actually the Grinch.

Like all projects, this one presented with its unique challenges. How was I going to include all that detail while managing the volume. Christmas is eponymous with “clutter” not “hot mess“. I selected elements to represent each day and tried to balance the colors and shapes.

Thankfully circles were a repeating shape – in the eyes of the animals, the phone of the calling bird, zee diamonds of the 5 Golden Rings.

And of course, Peggy as the Drummer Drumming was going to be front and center. So here we have it, tons of texture, elements to represent the work and a painting that can be up year round, even after all the Christmas clutter gets zamboni-ed into storage.

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