This was the first custom piece I painted where I was given two pieces of paper to use in the collage. Two.

1, 2, the end.

My friend Silpa gave me one worksheet from each of her children. I figured that might be tricky but when I saw the worksheets I knew I was in for a treat.

I might add that Silpa said these words to me, “no amount of gold and silver is too much.” Basically my love language right there.

With so few artifacts to use, I started with multiple paint layers so as not to obscure the mementos later. Here’s a paint progression – as you can see, I cover over a lot of what I paint. I know this isn’t logical, Tips!

As you can also see, I couldn’t resist adding in my own collage elements: polka dots, the Seattle skyline and some neon transparencies.

I’m so glad I get to visit!

Ok one more. I love hanging art in the powder room because everyone gets to see it!

I love it almost as much as I love my friends who get to wash their hands next to it every day. ?

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