“Hey Angie, you’re an artist. Can you paint us a big blue painting to hang in our living room?”

“Oh heck yes I can! But ummmmm, how big are we talking?”

This is when my good friend, who is much much taller than my husband who stands at a respectable 6’3 3/4″, stretched his arms out to the side. He resembled the Air Jordan Wings poster from the 90s.

At this point, just as my upper lip started beading up with sweat, imagining having to rent a flatbed truck having to ‘beep-beep-beep’ it’s way into the driveway to deliver what was certainly going to be a 1000 foot painting, I started to mildly panic.

I turned to look to his wife who had a big smile on her face. “We can figure it. It will be awesome,” she said, her voice full of confidence.

Well she was RIGHT! We figured it out and The Big Blue Painting turned out AWESOME. Here are some progression photos, in order. Note the moment it goes from ‘pretty good’ directly to ‘disaster’, does not pass Go, does not collect $200.

Big Blue layer 1 – full of optimism
Big Blue layer 2 – that teal looks good
Big Blue layer 3 – things are really looking GOOD

Big Blue layer 4 – sliver of silver

Big Blue layer 5 – the nervous breakdown layer

I stepped away from the canvas at this point. Things were going well and then I added so much dark I lost all of that beautiful color contrast! So I paced the length of my hallway about a hundred times practicing ujay breath until I averted the nervous breakdown. That’s when I realized that this dark layer was going to give me these beautiful peekaboo windows of color once I continued to layer.

This last layer went on so easily and smoothly I had this rush of excitement that I knew everything was coming together perfectly!

One last look with my favorite art critic:

Big Blue final layer – helping with perspective

and for the final reveal:

The Big Blue Painting

This makes me so happy! I love it almost as much as I love this gorgeous woman seated in front!

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