Angie Kennedy is the Seattle-based artist behind the brand American Heavyweight. She uses photos and and personal mementos to create custom abstract paintings as a way to commemorate important people, places and life moments. 

Her professional training in the study of human movement informs her art with the push-pull balance of colors and shapes, reflective of the body’s perpetual balances and imbalances. Dynamic and energetic, her paintings remind us that art is one of the most personal aspects of our lives. 

“What we love most about Angie’s art is her ability to capture the mementos that mean so much to us, but are often tucked away in a box, she gives them new life, honoring the memory while bringing them into the present in a piece you can’t wait to hang on the wall.”  – Kirsty, Owner of Queen Anne Frame 

Art & Song Lyrics are on display at Queen Anne Frame, Seattle WA


CONTACT: angie@americanheavyweight.com

Angie Kennedy, MSc 

84 thoughts on “ABOUT THE ARTIST: Angie Kennedy”

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